Jayme Psychic Medium

Jayme is a very compassionate, caring individual.  I have had several readings with her now and she always helps me to clearly understand the messages she receives on my behalf.  I really enjoy working with Jayme because she has a warm dispostion and shows a genuine interest in her clients.   I always feel refreshed and enlightened after a session with Jayme.                                                         Suzanne Mrshall  --  Texas

Hello Jayme,
I would like to thank you so much for offering the different classes that you do, that gives people an opportunity to develop and explore their intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities. 
When I came across your classes offered at the MIracles of Joy, I was so excited that I could continue my spiritual journey and go further in depth... and at such afforadable rates too:)  You have such a calm, patient and open postitive energy that makes one feel confident and excited to know we are actually opening up our channels.
You are an excellent teacher and mentor, and very encouraging which is so important in this field!  I am so glad that I made the effort to make that 40 or 50 minute trip to meet you and I encourage anyone who is contemplating taking your classes not to hesitate.  Try it at least once and you won't be disappointed in the least:)
I just wanted to thank you again Jayme for being such a wonderful teacher!
See you in class:)
Kind regards,           Shyama

Jayme is nothing short of amazing!  She is such a talented medium and teacher.  I have had the pleasure of being a student of hers for the past year.  She is so supportive and willing to help anyone to grow in their psychic or mediumship journey.  I am truly blessed to know her and study under her.                                                                                                        Tracey  --   Little Elm, Texas

​I have used a variety of psyhics over the past 20 years and Jayme's reading was "on the mark".  Her connection to the angels is bonded with strength and clariy.  She was able to see things that very few that know me have been able to see.  I was going through an extremely stressful situation in my life and her reading helped to calm down the "spin" so I could continue to move forward.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and gift!  We need more like you to help heal our world.                                                                     Julie Foss  --  Northern California

I recently had a reading with Jayme.  She was easy to talk to and had a very kind demeanor. The information she gave was extremely accurate and she addressed my questions giving me insight and helpful information regarding my situation all in a way that I could understand.  I appreciated that she didn't waste time or dawdle but stuck to the questions I wanted answered.  I left my reading feeling that I had gotten the clarity that I was seeking and I am very grateful for Jayme's ability to help others through her psychic and medium gifts.         
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Karen Hennig  --  Texas

This was my first visit with a psychic medium, and I was a little nervous, but Jayme put me at ease.  My time spent with Jayme was very relaxing and thought provoking.  I was amazed at her abilities and insight!  It was a very comforting, uplifting experience, and I would recommend Jayme for her psychic mediumship abilities.                                                                                                 S. Murphy  --  California

About one week ago I had the honor of having a reading done by Jayme, via telephone.  Jayme was outstanding.  She was accurate all the way. There is no way she could have known the things that came through.  Jayme is the real deal.  She is caring and passionate about her readings. I highly recommend people contact Jayme.  I look forward to more readings by Jayme.                   Mike Dettling  --  CA 

Dear Jayme,
I want to thank you for the recent reading you gave me.  Especially with pertaining to my helath.  You knew things about me that I held inside and haven't discussed with anybody, what a nice surprise!  You confirmed that the choices I made in regards to my grandchildren and own children were not a mistake, no matter how hard it was to make those choices without my husband here to help me.  It's so nice to have that clearance.  I enjoyed the reading very much and I'm more than happy to share your talent.  You are a very gifted lady! Thanks!                                                                                                                                                   Renae Middleton -- Norther California

I've had a reading with Jayme and I look forward to going back for more.  I would recommend her to one and all.  She is skillful, yet gentle and warm.  She is very patient with her clients.  You'll find your experience very emotional, yet joyful when she connects you to your passed loved ones.                                                                                                                                                                                              AJ  --  Northern California

I wandered into a local Dallas psychic fair earlier this year, where I found psychic-medium Jayme.  She was wonderfully accurate in her readings and has helped me immensely in my career and personal life.  Her sweet, caring persona definitely make a reading with her a worthwhile experience.  I hope she can share her gift and knowledge with others for many years to come.                          Brandon  --  Dallas, TX

My reading with Jayme was nothing short of amazing.  Jayme is professional, but at the same time caring, compassionate and sensitive.  I had a particular person in spirit I wanted to hear from and Jayme was able to connect right away with that spirit.  She was right on with what
she conveyed to me and I was amazed at the accuracy of the information.  To my surprise, two more of my loved ones came through with loving messages of their own.  It was a wonderful, magical experience.  I can tell you that Jayme is the real deal.                 CJ  --  Fort Worth, TX